Controlling the size and position of your Flash movie.

Flash gives you some flexability for how your movie is presented on the user's screen, but not a lot. Here are some additional methods for controlling the look of you movie.

The options shown here are not everything there is available. In actual use, you will probably want to use a combination of several of these tools for your site.

Each of the sections below and the examples in those sections will open in a new window. If your browser is set to use tabs instead of new windows, you may want to change this setting to open new windows. Be sure that Javascript is enabled on your browser. You may want to test these examples on different browsers to see if there is a difference in the way each displays.

Part 1. Size and position in the browser window.

This first section shows various ways to set the size and the position of your movie in the browser window.

part 1

Part 2. Size and position of the browser window on the user's screen.

This section shows various ways to adjust the size and the location of the browser window itself on the user's monitor screen.

part 2

All of this content was produced using Flash CS3, Photoshop CS3, and BBEdit 8.7. If you are interested, the source files may be downloaded and are free to use and adapt as you like.

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