Building a transition in Flash

There are times when you want to have an animation of some sort at the start of any new content section. Simple enough, just start the content with that animation. Now, you would also like to have another animation that plays when you leave that content area and show a new content area. The problem is that your navigation tells the playback head to immediately jump to a new location or to play a new movieclip when that button is selected. So, how do you squeeze that animation in before the playback head moves on?

Here you will find four examples of methods for doing just that. Instead of telling the playback head, or a movieclip, to do something, you store the new location in a variable, and then play the closing animation in the current content, and then, at its end, move to the new content, or play the new movieclip.

These examples move from the very simple, just playing content on the main timeline, to working with an actionscript only solution that uses an external .as file to control a tween. Download the examples and try them out.

download the source files